Degenerates of Punk


Degenerates of Punk DCxPC Live, Vol. 13: Live at Ralph’s Rock Diner LP

While I’m not necessarily getting the self-billed “RAMONES-core” reference, I do find myself enjoying this live recording. Live recordings have mostly never been my thing, but I do find that the technology has come a long way (I still find the mixing of the vocals is often an issue, and I’d say that’s true here). This is mid-to-uptempo melodic punk rock that isn’t unlike the RAMONES in the sense that it’s straightforward, super catchy, and the songs are over before you’ve ever gotten tired of them. If you said it was power pop with a heavy dose of garage, I wouldn’t fight you. Last thing: I don’t get it throughout the set, but there are times when they remind me of OPERATION IVY. This is pretty fucking catchy and pretty fucking good.