Der Durstige Mann


Der Durstige Mann Himmel & Hölle LP

This band has always been a breed that is able to blend industrial noise with garage punk. Most notable here is the colored marble vinyl plus a live extremely noisy sound. Most of the stuff is slower and more experimental noise but one of the five is the best bunch of rockin’ noise lately. Not their best but OK.

Der Durstige Mann Saufen Macht Das Leben SpaÁŸ LP

Alcoholic sickness infects every one of the songs on this loose, funny, disjointed, and original album. One first-rate thrasher, “Wandertag in der DDR”, leads off an assortment of predominantly medium — to slow-tempo sing-alongs that have primitive production, and sound like the band is drunk. And yes, it’s just as engaging as past DURSTIGE MANN releases.

Der Durstige Mann Bier 4 Tot: Frankfurt Jukebox Hits LP

ERIC HYSTERIC and his friends again treat us to some garagy, off-beat punk; here, however, the mid-tempo ditties utilize synth and rhythm machine to augment their hard guitar sound—and add a bit of dementia. The songs are better than ever, too, though my inability to understand German left me out of a lot of the fun. Then again, if you get drunk enough, anybody could understand this music. Good stuff.

Der Durstige Mann Bier Nix Gut! 7″

Leader Eric Hysteric claims the most revelatory moment in his life was when he heard the GERMS’ “Forming.” He proceeded to pump out some of the trashiest, most barbarically brilliant stuff with his original band VOMIT VISIONS, on his own, and with his new assemblage. Here these guys are really sounding slick enough to enter the world of commercial jingles and the like. Don’t get me wrong, it’s still boss (the bossest).

Der Durstige Mann Saufen Ohne Ende 12″

Excuse my German, but the six ditties on this release sound like light-hearted, goofy funnypunk in the best tradition of ERIC HYSTERIC and friends. While an inability to understand the lyrics hurts one’s capacity to enjoy this record fully, DER DURSTIGE MANN still manages to produce some fairly catchy mid-tempo punk—especially “Kronprinz Rudolfs Letzte Liebe” and the title cut—with somewhat overloud vocals. Pleasant enough.

Der Durstige Mann This Is Frankfurt Not Boston (Fuck Off LA) EP

More raving, unchecked psychosis from Hysteric Eric (of VOMIT VISIONS and ESOTERICS fame) and company. Here, completely garaged-out grunge meets thrash with that bathroom recording sound. “Hectic Epileptic” sums up this group’s approach.