Detonators Just Another Reason LP

I’ve always enjoyed this band, their exuberance, dedication, and insane stage performance. While live they create a wall of noise that’s virtually impenetrable, on record you can make out the tunes of a lot more, hear their early punk roots and still get off on their attitude. Punk lives here.

Detonators Yer Child’s War / Emergency 7″

Personally, I think these two songs (culled from their upcoming album) have much more impact than the bulk of those on their debut 12″. The production is still murky, but here it accentuates a wall-of-sound style of thrash that almost sounds European. Both cuts also have memorable choruses and good lyrics, so I’m anxiously awaiting the long-player.

Detonators Emergency Broadcast Systems LP

Hardcore that reminds me a bit of early SOCIAL DISTORTION, CH3, or YOUTH BRIGADE, while still retaining its distinctiveness. The DETONATORS use harmonies and what appears to be an acoustic-sounding guitar in their medium-to-fast-tempo songs, yet they have a lot of power and a certain edge. This album contains the classic “Do You Understand.” Great lyrics, too.