Dirt Just an Error LP

As expected, melodic mid-tempo raw punk filled to the top with politically aware messages. This music has a hard edge and is enhanced by the high-pitched female vocals, making most of these 12 songs catchy and memorable. Only available through mail order.

Dirt Nevermind Dirt, Here’s the Bollocks LP

This live LP (EP?) by DIRT captures all of the raw intensity of their exemplary debut, and fuses it with a punky venom that’s quite irresistible. Admittedly, the songs on this record vary considerably in quality, but their fiery version of “House of the Rising Sun” is alone worth the price.

Dirt Object Refuse Reject Abuse EP

A great record that sounds exactly like CRASS at their vitriolic best. I’d swear it was CRASS if I didn’t know better, but I am convinced that CRASS have mastered the cloning process. Seriously, this is intelligent raw noise with a militaristic beat, so march out and buy it.