Disinterred Corpse


Disinterred Corpse Burial cassette

Holy shit, this is chaotic as all hell. I can’t lie, the moment I saw the length of each song, I knew I was going to love this. Is that a bias? I guess it could be, but I can’t deny my adoration for sub-minute songs. Pure grind insanity here. I’m curious as to how the drums were recorded. It sounds like they were tracked directly to a TASCAM through a karaoke mic. They are blown the fuck out and it really adds to the madness. This sounds like the most organized mess of music I’ve ever heard in my life. It really distances them from other modern grind which sounds a bit too over-produced and clean for my tastes. I did initially scoff a bit at the cover art’s “Extremely Graphic Content” warning, but in hindsight, if any album is deemed worthy of that title, it’s this one. Wonderful stuff here, straddling the line between noisecore and grindcore.