Disrupters Alive in the Electric Chair 12″

While the DISRUPTERS’ brand of mid/fast-tempo punk is not very original or very accomplished, there’s a charm and belief that comes across to make the listening experience not be a waste of time. Good production helps, too.

Disrupters Playing With Fire LP

The DISRUPTERS continue their treatment of fascinating lyric themes with their second LP, but the music is considerably less impressive. The plodding tempos and sluggish guitarwork impart a certain lethargy to the song structures, which mine a basic Brit-punk influence. “Surfshock” qualifies as a pleasantly abrasive, mid-tempo rocker.

Disrupters Bomb Heaven EP

Fairly mundane mid-tempo punk characterizes this new DISRUPTERS release, except for one spoken piece (“Make a Baby”). The bass tends to carry the melodies, and there’s a particularly gruesome, thought-provoking back cover, but there’s little else to comment on here.

Disrupters Unrehearsed Wrongs LP

Easily more powerful than their first two EPs, Unrehearsed Wrongs contains some fine mid-tempo punk compositions including “Gas the Punx” and a catchy reworking of their classic anti-vivisection song, “Animal Farm.” Some of the tracks seem repetitious, but I enjoyed the poetic changes of pace and the guitar-heavy production. Check this one out.