Divine Horsemen


Divine Horsemen Middle of the Night LP

I gotta fess up—I’m really a sucker for the FLESHEATERS sound and any related project but I was a little disappointed with the last LP by the DIVINE HORSEMEN, a little too clean sounding. On their latest record they’ve coupled four new tunes with some pretty respectable covers by DAVID ALLAN COE, the CRAMPS, ELVIS PRESLEY, and THE ROLLING STONES. This might actually be the right place to start with this group.

Divine Horsemen Devil’s River LP

When I first heard this, I thought it was a great mix of Chris D’s tough-as-nails lyrics with a good, classy production. But as I play it more and more, I’m afraid he must have left a lot of drive and fire of the early FLESHEATERS music for smoother production. Really commercial stuff.