Dogmatics Everybody Does It 12″

Half the tracks here are really listenable garage rock’n’roll, while the rest tend to be too rockabilly-ish or poppish in derivation for me. Obviously, they’ve got power and roots, but I hope they don’t get stuck in the past.

Dogmatics Thayer St. 12″

Boston garage rock in the tradition of the REAL KIDS. Those who enjoy the REPLACEMENTS will probably take to this, though I found it a bit too slick and poppish and not rockin’ enough. There are a couple of kickers, but the ballad-y side (augmented by the dreaded sax) is more than I can take. Also, “Hardcore Rules” is a backhanded slap at the scene.

Dogmatics Gimme the Shakes / 20 Flight Rock 7″

The A-side is kind of a teen rock-pop number in the old Boston tradition, with its jumpin’ rhythms, R&B beat, punchy guitar, and insipid lyrics; the flipside is a very uneventful cover of the EDDIE COCHRAN classic.