Dr. Know


Dr. Know This Island Earth LP

Not as close to speedmetal as some might guess, this record has a good, steady rhythmic beat, interesting vocals, dark lyrics, and loud guitar that at times falls down towards wanking leads. When these pieces are put together, a rocking sound comes forth — but in many ways is too consistent and tiresome.

Dr. Know Burn EP

Eerie, in the DR. KNOW tradition, but definitely not “death rock” by a long shot. On this 7″, the band progresses where their 12 left off; the lyrics are polished up and the guitar solos are at a minimum. All five cuts are catchy, but lack the power I hoped for. Damn good…yep, damn good.

Dr. Know Plug-In Jesus LP

Mystic describes these guys as a “hardcore speed-metal death band,” and I can’t improve upon that summation much. DR. KNOW plays fast thrash and semi-thrash with heavy metal guitar leads and depressing, horror-inspired lyrics. They’re tight as a drum and undeniably powerful, though some of the aforementioned metal parts are excruciating. In the L.A. STAINS tradition, but quite a bit better.