Drunk Injuns


Drunk Injuns Frontside Grind LP

Dark songs of love and bleakness set to mid-tempo punk. The almost forced “sung” vocals may attract some and alienate others. This band stems from the original LOS OLVIDADOS, who eschewed hardcore in favor of slower, more powerful tunes.

Drunk Injuns Crimes Against Humanity 10″

DRUNK INJUNS—the greatest enigma of our times. Can you afford to miss the classic, rockin’ SF garage band who, apart from a hard-to-find cassette and a few comp tracks, are treating us to decent (not great) live recording which includes their greatest energy and material? There’s only 1000. Get it!

Drunk Injuns My Dad Butch cassette

A five-song tape from this mysterious rampaging tribe. Appearing only occasionally in public, these guys pound out some real primitive, throbbing punk rock, with traces of the HEARTBREAKERS, PISTOLS, ZEROS, and others. In other words, it’s powerful slow-to-medium paced material to dance around the fire to.