Eat My Fear


Eat My Fear New Era LP

Angry, fast, and loud, EAT MY FEAR’s New Era is a collection of political punk songs about solidarity, conflict, gentrification, friendship, and community. According to the album’s write-up, it was recorded during the COVID-era lockdowns amidst the displacement of many local DIY spaces in Berlin. You can certainly feel the power and urgency behind these songs, mostly in the vocals which are shredding in near-desperation throughout. Sonically, EAT MY FEAR ranges from straightforward hardcore to skate punk to nearly pop punk, but what carries this album is its venom, its intent, and its message.

Eat My Fear Taking Back Space EP

Self-described as queer feminist straight-edge hardcore from Berlin, EAT MY FEAR is definitely a band the world has been waiting for. The songs are packed with angry and impassioned political lyrics, plenty of group vocals, and probably more breakdowns than the fast parts were designed to withstand. Without diminishing the depth of the emotion or gravity of the subject matter, these songs sound fun as hell. This reminds me of the fury and creativity of late-’90s political hardcore bands like HARUM SCARUM and ANTI PRODUCT. With six tracks clocking in at about eight minutes, this EP left me wishing there was more, and looking forward to what’s next.