Electric Peace


Electric Peace Rest in Peace 12″

This release is their third, and continues along in the advanced stages of psychedelic damage. Combining psychedelia, progressive rock, metal, ’60s punk, and bad singing, this outfit is adventurous to say the least. The guitarist is the strong point, whipping out some occasionally gnarly runs (Á  la ’69), but the singing makes me take the needle off.

Electric Peace Tell Me You Hate Me 12″

BYRDS-style neo-psychedelia—minus the 12-string guitar—meets DUANE EDDY-ish twanginess. Despite the singer’s sometimes annoying vocals, there’s interesting stuff on this half-sided picture disc, especially “Sniper on the Rooftop.”

Electric Peace Kill for Your Love 7″

A one-sided neo-psychedelic record anchored by a basic rock ’n’ roll chord progression. What makes it interesting are some hot acid-damaged lead guitar parts and the harmonized background vocal chants Á  la BEAU BRUMMELS. I’m not wild about the lead singing, but it’s still a pretty sharp record.