Enola Gay


Enola Gay White Control Means Bloody Murder LP

A well-executed poster sleeve makes a nice introduction to ENOLA GAY’s highly committed brand of punk and thrash. The compositions vary in quality from song to song, but their best moments occur when their instrumental power conjoins with great hooks (as on “Wealthy Ones”).

Enola Gay Demos cassette

The second tape release from this hot Danish band, and it’s no let-down. Although it’s of the tuneless thrash variety, it’s pretty rugged stuff, with buzzsaw guitar and unrelenting energy. Contains both studio and practice tracks.

Enola Gay 317 Nitter cassette

A 12-song studio demo that’s well-produced. It’s got that chunky drumming that I don’t go for too much, but the guitar sound and vocals are real good, and it’s real powerful overall. The main problem with ENOLA GAY is that they rely a bit too much on the basic repetitive thrash structure. More variation would help.