Erazerhead Take Me to Your Leader LP

Originally a lighter-weight RAMONES pop/punk band, they’ve gotten even lighter (BEATLES, STONES influence) with a folkish influence. Simultaneous with that though, is what I’d call a BUZZCOCKS influence of occasionally great hooks and melodies, and “noise” freak-outs. Bizarre.

Erazerhead Summertime Now / Tonight 7″

More RAMONES-y punk-pop from ERAZERHEAD. “Summertime Now” is a fast, danceable paean to summer with tasty guitar backing; the flip is a much weaker pop ballad with a dull sax. A 50/50 proposition.

Erazerhead Klub Foot EP

This live EP renews some of my faith in ERAZERHEAD. They’ve recaptured their earlier snappiness and guitar power here, which suggests that bad production was mainly to blame for their recent vinyl failures. Check it out if you like(d) the LURKERS, and have a good laugh during “Get Pissed Again,” a punky rewrite of CHUBBY CHECKER’s big hit, “Let’s Twist Again.”

Erazerhead Teenager in Love / All for Me 7″

A disappointment. Over their past two singles, ERAZERHEAD had developed a pleasant, hard rock sound reminiscent of the LURKERS/RAMONES. In place of this, they do an awful cover of the old DION AND THE BELMONTS song, while the flip tries for a more upbeat approach. Unimpressive.

Erazerhead Shell Shock / She Can Dance 7″

RAMONES clones who sound more like the LURKERS except for some obvious vocal touches. Even so, these are the type of good poppy tunes that “da brudders” don’t seem capable of producing these days. I guess that’s a recommendation.