Es War Mord


Es War Mord Die Utopie der Kosmonauten LP

Third LP from Berliners ES WAR MORD, with a title that translates to “The Utopia of the Cosmonauts.” My first passive listen didn’t draw me in, but taking time with it, I found technical breaks, guitar chugging (like on “Hinterlist”) that sounds lifted from a DEAD KENNEDYS rhythm, surprising pinch harmonics, and strained vocals like a German LEATHERFACE. Mid-tempo, gruff, with some melancholic melodies and guitar solos mixed in. Truly a lot to offer, yet they are concise and super tight. “Derselbe Atem” is a good taster, if you’re not ready to dive into the fourteen tracks within. Everything’s sung in German, so I couldn’t tell you what they’re getting on about, but either way, I’m in for it.

Es War Mord In Der Miesosuppe EP

The 4 Track Mind series from Tomatenplatten delivers once again with a stunning slab from ES WAR MORD. The purity of approach might be what sets this record apart—the drums are like getting punched in the face by a metronome and the vocals are snarled with passion, while the band delivers forceful mid-tempo punk rock that is deceptively complex. Short starts and odd riff maneuvering give way to precise leads all in the context of a ridiculously tight attack. I’m trying to imagine HOAX playing a set of EA80 covers…but with skate punk solos. Everything this label does is worth your attention, and this record is no exception.