Eugene Chadbourne


Eugene Chadbourne LSDC&W: The History of the Chadbournes in America 2xLP

“I’ll take my Chadbourne and make it a double.” Four sides as crazed and priceless as always. From goofy Martin Mull-ish “In A Sentimental Mood” to BEATLES, BURL IVES, ROGER MILLER psych-out medleys. These records feature bits and pieces of other tapes and even early lost SHOCKABILLY material. There’s the regular dose of insightful, folksy guitar — diddling, singalongs, psychedelia, and political prowess.

Eugene Chadbourne Corpses of Foreign War LP

Here Eugene is joined by two members of VIOLENT FEMMES and the outcome is extra good pickin’ and the same strictly CHADBOURNE twisted folk protest songs. All classic, no fan disappointed, all lyrics hitting their mark, and lots of good clean fun.

Eugene Chadbourne Country Protest LP

Yet another release from this man among persons. This isn’t unlike so many other recent releases. Lots of goofy cover songs, done Á  la carte or in medley, straight or crooked. Plus spoken word, original psychoticness, folk protest songs, and country pickin’. Oh, Eugene…

Eugene Chadbourne Country Music of Southeastern Australia LP

Counting this release, there have been three CHADBOURNE/SHOCKABILLY LPs within a month. Here, you can hear him perform your favorite spazz country/psycho/experimental ditties that he recorded on his trip to all of the finest prisons in Australia. Really.

Eugene Chadbourne The President, He is Insane LP

Unlike his former band SHOCKABILLY, Chadbourne’s solo efforts steer away from the head-first fuzzed-out psychedelic trips and goes for more personal (and political) subjects. There are some incredible lyrics here about nationalism, pornography, and criminals in coats and ties all delivered in a folky, sometimes spastic sound that really connects.