Exterminating Angel


Exterminating Angel Inherited Future EP

This sounds like a mix between SXE hardcore and late ’90s European grindcore, along with various post-hardcore breakdowns. I don’t want to say it’s deathcore, but it is taking on all forms of darkness and riff crushing—I’m thinking of bands such as MÖRSER, VISION OF DISORDER, CANDIRIA, OBITUARY, or MIND ERASER. Track three, “Sanctuary,” is a multi-tempo onslaught of EXTERMINATING ANGEL’s many strengths. Five tracks of intense, grueling metallic hardcore, each around four minutes in length, on a 12” EP. That’s no slouch for the amount of ideas they have going on. Try not to get into this. But at my age, I’m going nowhere near an EXTERMINATING ANGEL pit. You can just tell how that would go; catch me outside of that. If this is a debut, it’s quite the impressive one.