False Prophets


False Prophets Implosion LP

Produced by Giorgio Gomelsky (of YARDBIRDS fame), and “produced” it is. Horns, lots of very laid back instrumentation that serves as a backdrop for Stephan’s ravings, as well as lots of musical styles running into each other, lurching into punk and back out. I think too much of the power is sacrificed in the name of variety, but other’s less influenced by stylistic purity might buy it.

False Prophets Good Clean Fun / The Functional Song 7″

Hard-edged experimental punk with a lot of intelligence, the second release from this New York crew. Vocalist Stephan Ielpi is one of those rare individuals who doesn’t allow himself to be restricted by conventions, punk or otherwise, and it shows in the grooves. “Fun” is loud, fast catchy, and highly critical or ignorance and violence; “Functional” is slower and filled with romantic bitterness. Strongly recommended.