Fang A Mi Ga Sfafas? LP

Album number four for these Berkeley knot-heads, and like the previous one, this was recorded in West Germany. There is lots of familiar ground—stupid joke songs, etc. But there is some great beefy production, a cover of “Puff the Magic Dragon,” and a duet with an uncredited female vocalist that actually sounds like prime X material. One of the best things here is the anti-drug song “Damaging Dose” because the sleepy psychedelic-tinged tune gives FANG a place to grow to.

Fang Where the Wild Things Are LP

There are two kinds of bands in this world—those that appreciate any help which others offer, and those that whine and complain when others don’t give them the attention they think they deserve. Unfortunately, FANG falls within the latter category, and it’s a mighty test of my fairness to say anything good about the spoiled, self-centered babies. Even so, their album contains the same humorous mixture of fast semi-thrashers (like “Road Kills”) and slower, droning numbers (like “Suck and Fuck”), so if you liked Landshark, you’ll go for this as well.

Fang Landshark 12″

Eight-song release that captures their older sound (somewhere between FLIPPER and CRUCIFIX) and a faster-paced raging style. Very tight, with lots of distortion, lyrics of a vague, cryptic, humorous, and sometimes dubious nature.