Fatal Vision


Fatal Vision Zeitgeist LP

Now we’re talking. Originally released in 1984, this short-lived Long Island act expressed their sound on a demo which is all killer, no filler, just true outrageous early American fastcore. While a little bit late to the game, it’s brilliant that this demo finally sees the light of day with a wider audience in HC thanks to the internet. Ultimately, what comes to mind is other contemporaries who were perhaps a bit earlier than them such as the MOB (NY), but more so, you can see where influence from acts such as the ABUSED came in with slower, trudging guitar sections that we would all come to know as “mosh parts,” so it’s sick to see bands in Long Island getting influenced by that as early as this. However, the vocalist really reminds me of Sab Grey from IRON CROSS meets the madness and franticness of Springa or Jackal from YDI, which is just awesome. Go listen to this.

Fatal Vision Zeitgeist cassette

FATAL VISION performs decent basic thrash, but writing lyrics is their real strong point—the themes of alienation and manipulation are handled with far more sensitivity and sophistication than one normally finds. The music could benefit from further development, though “The Grass and Sheep Saga” is an outstanding track.