Fatigue Precious Rage cassette

Killer fuzz, solid L7 vibes, an opener titled “People I Want to Punch,” and I’m standing at full attention. The whole band is digging deep into early ’90s grunge for influences (I’m gonna mention that fukkn fuzz again because it’s that damn good), but between the aggressive approach and the snarky snarling vocals, FATIGUE sounds anything but tired.

Fatigue Barbecue Times cassette

Better late than never, here are some words about a tape that Berlin’s FATIGUE released in 2019. Total Girls in the Garage vibe, amped up real high with tough no-bullshit, in-your-face riot grrrl energy. You wanna take SMUT and TEAM DRESCH and reimagine that shit as a snotty garage bar-punk outfit? I’m here for it—three years late, but I’m here.