Flag of Democracy


Flag of Democracy FODWorld LP

Just to be clear, we are talking about a band who the DEAD MILKMEN referenced on their first damn record…which came out in 1983. We’re talking about 37 years of essentially constant activity. I reviewed the No School No Core full-length last year and it was great, so I dropped the needle on FODWorld with high hopes. I was not let down. Fast, loose hardcore punk with a little more snot and melody that reaches back to their ’80s catalog. Nothing but respect from these ears, and I look forward to the next one.

Flag of Democracy Love Songs EP

An incredibly intense thrash blast from F.O.D. The guitar buzz is piercing, the overall instrumental attack is ultra-tight, and the Biafraesque vocals are exceptionally demented. Along with DRI, GANG GREEN, WHITE CROSS, and a few others, these guys leave the rest of America’s current thrash bands spinning their wheels in deep ruts.