Flipper Public Flipper Limited 2xLP

A potpourri of live recordings from between ’80-’85. The recording quality definitely varies, but it is truly a fan’s edition. There are a few songs that have never been available elsewhere and some rare early recordings. Most notable is the foldout and cut touring game/sleeve which is good for at least three plays. Not bad.

Flipper Gone Fishin’ LP

Highly polished FLIPPER? Yup, their parting shot contains all the usual FLIPPER ingredients, but with a “clean” production that takes the heart out of their dire messages. “In Life My Friends” comes the closest to their previous approach, but most of the rest leaves me cold. Where’s the feedback, Ted?

Flipper Blowin’ Chunks cassette

Here they are again, this time with an LP’s worth of live material that sounds just like their studio stuff. A lot of their classic tracks are on here, sounding as good and raw and raucous as ever.

Flipper Get Away / The Old Lady That Swallowed a Fly 7″

Even though I think that everyone in FLIPPER is an egotistical, self-indulgent asshole (except the ever-cool Ted), I’ve got to admit that they’ve put out some truly great singles. “Get Away” is no exception, with its powerful driving beat, noise guitar, and clever, venomous lyrics. The 33 1/3 rpm flip is another humorous, annoying novelty, but “Get Away” makes this one a must. Amazing cover, too.

Flipper Album — Generic Flipper LP

The hype surrounding FLIPPER has already reached nauseating proportions, and I have no intention of adding to it. If you’re downed out, you’ll like their abrasive slow numbers and if you’re straight-edge, you’ll probably prefer the fast abrasive tracks (“Living for the Depression,” “Nothing”) that they seldom do these days. FLIPPER was much better back when this album was recorded, before they started taking themselves too seriously. After all, any joke—no matter how effective—ceases to be amusing if it’s told too often.