Forgotten Rebels


Forgotten Rebels Rhona Barrett / Tell Me You Love Me 7″

Remixed versions of two songs from the FORGOTTEN REBELS’ LP mentioned in MRR #3. The guitars are mixed a lot louder this time around, and it sounds really hot. “Tell Me You Love Me” is an exceptional punky-pop cut with background vocals and a chorus that’ll stick in your head for days, maybe months. More of the same, please.

Forgotten Rebels This Ain’t Hollywood… This Is Rock ‘n’ Roll LP

The second album from an old Toronto punk band known for its cavalier offensiveness. Compared to their classic In Love with the System LP, which was filled with unforgettable satire like “Elvis Is Dead” and “No Beatles Reunion,” this new release is rather tame. Despite the personnel changes, the group retains its infectious pop-punk sound and its absurdly ironic quality, but the themes are much more pedestrian and much of the obnoxiousness is gone. I guess that’s “progress” for you.