Fuera De Sektor


Fuera De Sektor Juegos Prohibidos LP

FUERA DE SEKTOR has made a triumphant return with their debut full-length album, following the release of their four-song demo in 2022. Hailing from Barcelona, this band has skillfully crafted their own sound by fusing the vibrant energy of ’80s punk with the edgy sensibility of post-punk. The guitar work, which stands out for its distinctiveness, takes center stage as it weaves through a collection of mid-tempo riffs. With a solid rhythm section providing unwavering support, the recording is flawlessly executed. Picture the infectious catchiness of LOS ILEGALES combined with the unique character of L.A.’s X. The lyrics delve into themes of desire, lust, loss, and confusion, offering a fresh and thought-provoking perspective on self.

Fuera De Sektor El Mundo Segue cassette

FUERA DE SEKTOR pulls off an impressive genre-bender with El Mundo Segue. The songs are bright and succinct, replete with catchy guitar riffs and superlative bass lines, but somehow they’ve cultivated a perceptible darkness as well. CHAIN CULT may be a good reference point, but FUERA DE SEKTOR is not nearly as dense or gloomy. Musically, I’m reminded of a bit of EASTER AND THE TOTEM, though here again FUERA DE SEKTOR eschews comparison by introducing subtle new wave influences and delivering vocals in a higher-than-expected register. Of the four songs on this tape, “En La Oscuridad” is the one that grabs me most, but they are all bangers. Barcelona has produced some extraordinarily fresh and innovative bands in recent years, and FUERA DE SEKTOR is clearly continuing that trend while adding to La Vida Es Un Mus’ ongoing hit streak. Recommended.