Gatsu Generación Atormentada Tratando De Surgir Unidos cassette

Directly from the La Florida neighborhood in Santiago, Chile, we hear a loud message of positivity and great inner force being cast by this band. A solid project giving the most intense experience with inspiring lyrics, backed by a merge between classic ’90s East Coast hardcore and intense fastcore with crossover nods, great powerful drums, and thrashy, high-pitched guitar. Solid sound and lyrical performance and flow, the vocal carrier of a high-energy, never-stop-fighting vital force. The enduring urge to mosh comes right away. Classic breakdowns ending in even faster string cadences are carriers of inner strength, pumping you up—you can tell they are all good friends and didn’t just click to do this band. Self-overcoming and personal growth is encouraged, as GATSU stands for guts, exuding determination, bravery, and self-knowledge. More than an interesting project and format, not seen as often as it should be nowadays. Suggested tracks: “El Mensaje” and “El Desafío.”