GBH No Need to Panic! LP

Lots more variety than usual on this release. There are some songs reminiscent of the GBH of yore, but they’ve slowed down their thrash on others, added a lot more melody, and even have a couple of non-thrash tunes. Can’t say if it makes for a better overall record, but they’re at least opening up.

GBH Midnight Madness and Beyond LP

As expected, a lot more metalish leads and chords present here. Of the twelve songs, there are maybe only a couple that find their roots in that classic upbeat punk style that this band had years ago. Oh yeah, in case you’re wondering, the lyrics haven’t changed a bit.

GBH Do What You Do 12″

Normally, I find GBH’s brand of metal-punk tedious, but this time around they sound pretty damn good, mainly due to the incredible production here. The title song and “Children of Dust” are both real stormers, and the dub mix of the former is particularly stimulating.

GBH City Baby’s Revenge LP

While the highly abrasive, metallic sound of this album has its own rebellious charm, most of the songs veer toward undistinctiveness, a problem traceable to the lack of musical changes of pace, and vocals which eventually become tiresome. Nonetheless, I enjoyed the stormier numbers like “Diplomatic Immunity” and especially “Rally of Death,” as well as some of the more inventive guitar figures on the mid-tempo cuts. Definitely a mixed bag.

GBH Catch 23 / Hellhole 7″

Good latest effort by this metal-punk outfit that’s quickly gathering a bad rep as having an advanced stage of “Rockstaritis.” The B-side is especially strong and well produced.

GBH Give Me Fire / Man-Trap 7″

The A-side is a standout powerhouse punk song, instrumentally. I can’t say much about the lyrics (as with many of their songs) because I have no idea what they’re singing about, even after reading them printed.

GBH City Baby Attacked by Rats LP

You have to get beyond the tacky cover on this LP. It looks like an Oi or EXPLOITED album, but GBH play one ripping headbanger after another. They even utilize blues riffs in thrashers like “Bellend Bop.” Most of the lyrics are about war, poverty, and madness, but there’s one song about getting drunk and fucking a “slut.” Needless to say, that makes me wonder about these guys.

GBH Sick Boy EP

Judged in comparison to their first two records, this latest EP by GBH is bound to register as a major letdown. Yet, in its own frantic, trashy way, songs like the rather hilarious “Sick Boy,” as well as the more serious compositions on the flip, grab your emotions by virtue of their sheer vigor and enthusiasm. While by no means a great record, this EP remains undeniably effective in its modest way.

GBH No Survivors EP

GBH are real fast and real powerful, but for some reason I’m not wild about them. Their songs just are not that distinctive and I have a nagging feeling that they’re all form and no content. Even so, “No Survivors” is one of their best efforts to date.