Genogeist Technophobia EP

A 2021 recording released by various labels of Portland crust punk in a metallic form. A tank formation with a demonic, driven main vocal, a blasting wall of sound, doom-evoking bass lines, and very well-executed, on-point riffs. Ever-ranting drums and solid metallic guitars achieve a fortuitous ball of noise, with their metal crust nature on display in “Desolate Realm.” Hearing loss guaranteed! Favorite track: “Technophobia.”

Genogeist Genogeist LP

Hailing from PDX, GENOGEIST plays tidal waves of crushing static hardcore crust. Two levels of vocals are presented: a choking guttural dense layer, and a clearer digital affected top layer sort of reminding me of ACCION MUTANTE. Songs end and begin seamlessly sutured together. The compositions are at their root punk, branching out with cyber-botanical metal briars. That is to say they bang, hard, but are smothered in distortion. The guitars slice out with AGE accents. The drumming is exceptional, constantly holding a steady mid-tempo crust beat, then all of a sudden cascade and explore into a ruthless fit.  This album moves fast with its attack, but covers all areas of expert songwriting and never seems repetitive. Engaging riffs, punctuated vocal moments, D-beat piledriving, ghoulish momentary death metal solos. GENOGEIST haunts shit up from beginning to end. An epitome of crust’s origins while offering contemporary fresh individuality. Favorite track: “Systemic Shroud.”