Godfathers Birth School Work Death / S.T.B. 7″

Their first major label release shows their usual pop flair and basic beat, though both tunes are more blues-based than previous releases. Catchy, but I wish they cut loose a bit more with that ever-cool guitar.

Godfathers Sun Arise / I Want Everything 7″

These guys write pop-punk songs so simple and catchy that you swear you’ve heard them before somewhere. Maybe you have, but the secret of great rock’n’roll is the ripped-off riff, reshuffled and redelivered in a new context. Both songs (one slow, one rocker) are top-notch. A special band.

Godfathers This Damn Nation 12″

Some former SID PRESLEY EXPERIENCE members come up with a powerful, catchy three-song release. The title track has great guitar hooks, fine drumming, and tough singing. Wish it wouldn’t end. On the flip, we get more of a rock’n’roll song and a tribute to John Barry’s James Bond-type theme songs.