Government Issue


Government Issue You LP

Edging ever-closer to rock music, GI employs a big sound, usually powerful beat, and big production to get it across. But the lack of a cohesive, unique sound and catchy tunes make the package relatively unmemorable, making them sound like just another slick band on a bigger label.

Government Issue Government Issue LP

GI seem to alternate releases between Dutch East and Mystic, this one on the former. Excellent production and melodic punk tunes are the hallmark here, and while you can still pick out that DC sound, they’ve broadened to reach back to punk roots, as well as even earlier (the WHO?), all without losing that oomph or character of their presentation. Interesting.

Government Issue Live! LP

This pretty cool collection of songs contains all their hits, all of which were recorded live though 1982-85. The production varies from song to song but does a good job of re-creating the experience that this band brings across live. Worth looking into.

Government Issue Give Us Stabb or Give Us Death 12″

G.I. is flooding the market with quality DCHC. “Plain to See” is awesome, and though these live tracks vary a bit in sound quality, most are rippin’. Only minor metally digressions, as the pure punk sound predominates and dominates.

Government Issue The Fun Just Never Ends LP

With more of a recognizable “D.C.” sound and a lot less metalish or rockish material than their previous release, this album rates highly with me. Although it’s supposedly a “live” recording, you’d never know it by the excellent sound quality, with all the detail there, cumulatively adding up to one powerful piece of vinyl.

Government Issue Joy Ride LP

This album witnesses an evolution in G.I.’s style from thrash to a decided “rock ’n’ roll” approach, and is not the band’s best moment. Their hilarious cover of “These Boots Were Made for Walking” aside, the songs here are largely un-catchy and lacking in punch. The lyrics provide intelligent commentary on social/political issues, but I’m still disappointed.

Government Issue Make an Effort EP

I like this new GI EP a lot better than their recent 12″. “Teenager in a Box” is a particularly brilliant track combining power, hooks galore, and good lyrics; “Sheer Terror” has some psychedelic effects; the others are supercharged thrashers in the DC tradition. Highly recommended.