Gripe Déjame Solo cassette

GRIPE is back with another tape, playing garage-y, jangling, hyper-fast punk rock that tends to lean into hardcore, but with barely distorted guitars and bit of melodic spoken-yelling. Their sound is dense due to the constant shredding and up-tempo beat. The vocals are powerful and well-thought-out, and the additional backing pushes the overall sound into a rather gig-like atmosphere instead of a studio session. They cover a MIDDLE CLASS song with translated lyrics, and as a reference, it fits perfectly. It’s a fun release.

Gripe Demo 2020 cassette

GRIPE from Chile plays faster-than-fast, super-short jingling garage punk songs, with anxious hardcore vocals. It’s so rapid, the real challenge would be to fuck up their demo despite using such bulletproof elements. In that sense it’s a harmless recording; what brings any spectacle is the fine blend of harsh vocals and barely distorted guitars, which might make you speculate what if one attribute were adjusted to the other. Songwriting uses smart tricks from amphetamine rockn’roll and disintegrated hardcore to color the otherwise urgent but predictable riffing. The recording captures GRIPE’s energy which is always challenging and a huge achievement to have it already on a demo. The whole thing is less than five minutes and it might make you remember them for longer than that.