Hacker Psy Wi-Fi EP

On this latest EP, HACKER from Melbourne sticks to their marriage of tech themes and pounding hardcore while showing an updated approach to their songwriting. It’s just as tight as their Pick a Path 12” from 2021, but these four tough tunes feel a bit more creative and catchy than the band’s previous output. It seems like these guys are becoming the diabolical machine they allude to in their lyrics and artwork, and “Scammer” is a real jam if you’re looking for something snappy to get stuck in your head.

Hacker Pick a Path 12″

Melbourne tech freaks HACKER are on the mainframe again after their beast of a demo was released in 2019. Featuring seasoned veterans from countless Aussie punk bands, HACKER knows what they want and how to get it. POISON IDEA-styled hardcore done the right way, with futuristic dystopic themes embeded in the seven killer tracks that make up Pick a Path. Hardcore Victim is killing it once again!