Happy World


Happy World Flowing Field LP

God these guys are great. After two 7″s and this, their second album, they’ve moved from blissed-out thrashers into a harder, less definable full bodied sound. Some of the structures here remind me an awful lot like some SST or Touch and Go band like KILLDOZER, SCRATCH ACID or DINOSAUR.

Happy World Jump for Joy EP

Diverse influences crop up on this four-track EP. The less urgent numbers on the “9” side didn’t capture my attention, owing more to a loose rock approach. Side “FF”, however, contains two dynamic, mid-tempo punkers which represent this band at their best. Not altogether catchy, but still respectable.

Happy World Happy World LP

Wonderful spaz punk rock from the boonies of Colorado. They have a nice style of going from a weird instrumental with raspy guitar sounds into a goofy, ragged tune about something like a worm or something. Nice cover, too.

Happy World Sad Gesture cassette

A live recording with ten songs. It’s somewhat garagy in terms of sound quality, and since it’s live there’s a lot of wanking going on. The music is sort of jazzy, metallish thrash, with quirky parts and post-punky vocals that remind me a bit of SF’s old WOUNDZ.

Happy World Cold River EP

Garage punk from Colorado. The drummer seems to be incredibly young (judging from the cover pic) and the guitar lead in the title number is so lame it’s cool, but the songs have entertaining lyrics and plenty of primitive drive and spunk. For fans of unprofessionalism (like me).