Hellish View


Hellish View Demo ’21 cassette

HELLISH VIEW only worships three things: lyrics about war, D-beats, and Kawakami! Nothing new, no improvement, just good old raw hardcore the way that DISCLOSE and SHITLICKERS used to do it. As it says on their Bandcamp page: “New bassist and drummer, still worshipping DISCLOSE.”

Hellish View Holy Horrors cassette

Another piece of sonic raw armageddon for the worshippers of DISCLOSE and everything noisy in punk. This chaotic threesome from Minnesota released yet another excellent Dis-beat banger; this is the last release with their original line-up. Compiled into five ugly tracks of Dis raw punk that sounds as close to DISCLOSE as possible. A no-brainer for the “noise not music” enjoyers!

Hellish View Reaper’s Hand EP

Once you put on this EP, you hear bombs dropping and sirens going off! You get the familiar feeling that you know what is coming. This is a good premonition if you are into DIS- bands. Starting off with a mid-paced song and soon erupting into a DISCLOSE-worship fest, this one is a no brainer. DISCHARGE, DISCLOSE, DISCARD. That’s all you need to know!