Hello Hooray


Hello Hooray American Burnout / Cherries Light the Way 7″

Boy, if you’re put off by the trash pizza cover art, I don’t blame ya. It’s fuckin’ rough. Luckily, the music on it is much better than the visual aesthetic would suggest. The ’70s STONES-style riffing makes this one very easy to enjoy, but the dude’s vocal style put it over the top for me. It’s so laid back and matter of fact that it becomes almost comical. It’s a strange choice that I’m really enjoying. The overall effect, especially on the superior A-side, kinda reminds me of a way (way) less jammy SPACIN’ or something of that ilk. Look, I know this one’s a hard sell, but I really think it’s worth your while to try to put the cover art aside and give it a fair shot. It’s definitely a keeper to my ears.