Hot Earth


Hot Earth That’s Hot cassette

Amazing crust-caked madness on this smoker of a tape from Atlanta’s HOT EARTH. They let you know right where you’re at as soon as the opening “BAFII” (which stands for “Burning Alive and the Floor is Ice”) hits your ears—a chaotic and cracked realm of hardcore hell. While endowed with a bit more plunky bass and a slightly lower degree of caustic burn, the band’s battering attack reminds me of Missouri favorites PROTON, which is among the highest endorsements I can currently offer. As an added bonus, all of the songs are overdubbed with a sample of infamous brat heiress Paris Hilton delivering her vapid ’00s catchphrase “that’s hot,” with some of the tracks featuring this, uh, enhancement multiple times—an effective added blast of “what the fuck” that just makes this situation even greater. I’m going to need another round of this ruckus ASAP.