Hummingbird of Death


Hummingbird of Death Full Spectrum Dominance 2005–2008 LP

This is a big slab of fastcore fun for fans of early D.R.I., back when their songs were 35 seconds long. Boise, Idaho’s HUMMINGBIRD OF DEATH manages to squeeze 83 of their early recordings onto this comp. Recorded between 2005 and 2008, these tracks remain relevant, as with “Stupid Bills,” which says “Off to the record store / Where did all my money go?” Ain’t that the truth. The lyrics range from the political (extolling LGBTQIA+ rights, shitting on racism, dissing animal cruelty, etc.) to the personal (loneliness, anger) to the simple joys of rocking out and moshing it up. The track “I Wanna Be a Frog” gets cerebral by posing “Bears are always angry / But frogs are always cool.” And just the title of the song “Fadeouts are for Chumps” made my day. Then there are these oddball tracks that stray from the fastcore formula, such as “Coward.” Clocking in at a massive 4:37, HUMMINGBIRD OF DEATH is suddenly a stoner doom metal band with a firecracker fastcore section sandwiched in the middle. “Frayed Nerve Endings” is an instrumental. “Waste” has a nice, D-beat swagger. “No Child Left Alive” manages a guitar solo in its seven-second runtime. This album is one of my favorites of the year. Raucous, angry, sometimes silly—it has everything.