Iconoclast Domination or Destruction LP

It’s about time this was reissued on vinyl, and I’m thrilled Sealed Records did such an excellent job. Alongside California brethren like CRUCIFIX, DIATRIBE, or (to a lesser degree) BATTALION OF SAINTS, California’s ICONOCLAST was one of the first DISCHARGE-style bands in the US, and their 1983 demo tape on side A is one of the finest (until now) cassette-only ’80s hardcore recordings. Like the aforementioned, ICONOCLAST upped the intensity level of the UK-born style—their driving, garagey demo tracks are the perfect amalgamation of VARUKERS-esque bludgeon and POISON IDEA-style USHC fury. Side B collects their other recordings: a pair of seriously ripping live tracks from compilations plus their 1985 EP originally released on Flipside Records. That disc featured a mix of styles—a muddy rehash of a couple older HC songs plus a pair of more “matured” peace-punk cuts. I remembered the EP as being a disappointing about-face, though its inclusion here is appreciated now as simply a different expression from a group of idealistic young punks. Complete with an extensive booklet, this compilation is mandatory listening.

Iconoclast Prisoners of Existence EP

Quite a departure, at least as compared to the ICONOCLAST demo of a while back. Only one of the tunes is ripping thrash, and the other two explore more melodic/poppy and abrasive post-punk fields, which they accomplish to varying degrees. Adventurous.

Iconoclast After the Massacre cassette

Seven well-produced, tight, and blazing fast songs appear on ICONOCLAST’s debut release. The lyrics put them decisively in the anti-war/”peace punk” camp, and as far as I’m concerned, there can’t be too many bands like this. Get it.