Ill Repute


Ill Repute Omelette LP

A collection of the best and worst from one of Oxnard’s finest. Consisting of one track from every release that this band has ever been involved with, only two new songs appear, both of them live and the outstanding tracks of the release. Typical rough Mystic production doesn’t really help, but overall this is a good sampler of one of the once classic SoCal thrash outfits.

Ill Repute Halloween Live EP

Yet another in the “Nardcore” series, and this one has a definite “live” garage feel to it (might be because there were about 100 kids in the studio at the time of the recording). Actually, it’s being remixed, so it may sound cleaner when it’s released, but even this version is fun. Couple of covers, too.

Ill Repute What Happens Next LP

Aaargh! ILL REPUTE may not extend the thematic or musical limits of modern thrash very far, but this album is so fucking ferocious that it doesn’t matter. The band wails, the guitar screams, the vocals are really snotty and impassioned, and the production has an edge that further accentuates all of these advantages. A wicked release that’ll motivate you to try stage diving off of your kitchen table.

Ill Repute Oxnard: Land of No Toilets EP

Jeff was blasting this from his room the other day while I was trying to sleep. Next day I asked him what that was, cause it sounded great, even though I should have been pissed. He felt it was pretty generic, so I went back and listened to it. Generic or not, this fucking wails! Guess he needed the sleep!