Inu メシ喰うな! LP reissue

Mesh-Key pulls out yet another mind-bender from the vaults of rare Japanese punk—this time it’s メシ喰うな! (“Don’t Eat Food!”), the 1981 LP from Osaka’s INU, who started in 1979 as a group of frustrated teens reacting to what they viewed as empty, trad rock’n’roll posturing from many of the Tokyo Rockers bands occupying the inner circle of Japan’s early punk scene. Tracks like “つるつるの壺” (“Lift the Lid”) and “305” hit a razor-hooked, almost GENERATION X-ish beat that bleeds between first wave punk and new wave, with a killer animated mile-a-minute delivery from vocalist Machizo Machida (a.k.a. Kou Machida, actor and award-winning author after his time in INU), while the unsettling death-drone crawl “夢の中へ” (“Into Dreams”) and junkyard clamor of the title track are laced with more than a bit of PUBLIC IMAGE LIMITED circa Metal Box, and the no wave scratch of “気い狂て” (“Gonna Crack”) and contorting stop/start twitch of “おっさんとおばはん” (“Old Man, Old Woman”) establish INU’s clear affinity with their more caustic compatriots of the era like FRICTION. The provided English translations of Machida’s lyrics really illuminate the no-future desperation at work here, if it wasn’t already apparent in the music itself—“Today follows on from yesterday / Will tomorrow just be more of the same?” (“フェイド・アウト”/“Fade Out”), all the way to “Japan’s history is a crime drenched in blood” (“ダムダム弾”/“Dumdum Bullet”). Get it or regret it.