Iron Bars


Iron Bars Iron Bars LP

These St. Louis vets have crafted quite a ripping debut, with a gnarly ’80s USHC vibe and more than a touch of early punk’s crash-and-burn recklessness. CHRONIC SICK, RKL and NIHILISTICS are clear touchstones, but there’s a swagger and wildness in the mix here that’s very DEAD BOYS as well. The clear, venomous vocals are immediately distinctive, as are the wild, nearly over the top guitar leads and solos. The tempo is generally moderate, though the songwriting is so hectic that many songs feel faster than they actually are, and there are some slow burners thrown in as well. This doesn’t have the intentionally retro feel of the early ’00s USHC revival bands—it’s well-written hardcore that shares a timeless quality with bands from an earlier era.