Ism Constantinople 12″

Always turning out interesting slabs, this four-song job contains two originals and two covers (RESIDENTS and FUGS). All are creative, with a variety of sounds ranging from crypto to country blues to folk bizarro. Only “Get Real Loose” is a real rocker, but even it isn’t in their previous sometimes-thrash mold.

Ism A Diet for the Worms LP

More warpo thrash and punk from this weird combo, featuring some bizarre arrangements, pianos, and synths. Musically, it all comes together rather than being disjointed and annoying, but the lyrics leave a lot to be desired. Their earlier humorous approach has given way to some downright reactionary sentiments in songs like “White, Straight, and Male.” Too bad.

Ism I Think I Love You / A7 7″

ISM’s annihilation of the PARTRIDGE FAMILY hit (“I Think I Love You”) couldn’t be more complete; manic velocity, unrestrained instrumentals, and vocals shrieked at top volume combine to create instantly unforgettable funnypunk. The flip is a bit repetitious, but it’s more than made up for by the vicious David Cassidy-Shirley Jones lampoon on the front cover. Hysterical!