Jerry’s Kidz


Jerry’s Kidz Well Fed Society EP reissue

This is not the Boston band, this is JERRY’S KIDZ from New Mexico, and this is a reissue of their 7” from 1984. Featuring four tracks of standard issue O.G. hardcore, these guys do some tough skate-rocking with clear vocals in a range of tempos. The cadence and foreboding chords of the blazing opener “Marionette” bring the CIRCLE JERKS’ “In My Eyes” to mind, and the introspective sound of “B.R.S.” (apparently meaning “Brandon’s Rest Song, as its slower parts gave the singer a chance to chill a bit between the faster tracks) reminds me just a little bit of the ADOLESCENTS’ “Kids of the Black Hole.” So yeah, this lesser-known artifact fits in alongside some of the best early USHC, and is well-deserving of the reissue.

Jerry’s Kidz This is Albuquerque, Not Boston EP

I know it’s gonna be hard to keep track of another band named JERRY’S KIDZ, even though this one formed first and ends with the letter “z”. It’s doubly difficult since both are tight, ferocious thrash bands. Got the picture? Now get the record.