Karma Sutra


Karma Sutra Be Cruel With Your Past and All Who Seek To Keep You There LP

This is a really, really special release of an amazing anarcho-punk band from England. As a record collector, I always get really excited when a label makes releases like this, because some of this stuff is almost impossible to get or the bands simply didn’t release any material at that time. KARMA SUTRA were one of those bands that have all the elements that makes me fall in love with anarcho-punk—I don’t think they have any song that is not good, it’s a classic, it’s timeless, a record you should get before people try to sell it on Discogs for incredibly stupid prices.

Karma Sutra The Daydreams of a Production Line Worker LP

A serious political band whose music has a lot of comparisons with CHUMBAWAMBA due to their hard-driving punk and light, mid-tempo poetic numbers. But this band tends toward a slow, melodic gothic sound which at times drags on. However, their message is strong and communicated loud and clear with female/male vocals and an inspiring booklet.

Karma Sutra Inside the Glassy Packages the Same Old Slut cassette

A six-song release, this is punk rock with a distinguishing guitar sound. For the most part, the band has a SUBHUMANS-type English sound, but the guitar has a post-punky tone, a combination that comes off well. Good thoughtful lyrics to boot.