Knuste Ruter


Knuste Ruter Festen Er Over LP

In this fast world of sensory overload and 24 hour news cycles, ya gotta love a great band that can endure a decade of existence. It’s been seven years since their last LP, but well worth the wait! I have the softest of spots for Norwegian hardcore punk so I’m embracing my biases here. Kenneth’s guitar intuitions plus the tremendous familiar bark of Hasse should have you pulling out all of your STENGTE DÁ˜RER and SO MUCH HATE records and cancelling all of your other commitments for the day. I’m sure the best moments are lost in translation, but lyrically there’s a lot for the listener to interpret and project onto. We don’t always need directives or absolute answers in our punk music, but maybe more humility and reflection. Kind of emo, right? In the authentic kind of way. “Black Pearls” is the only song in English and I couldn’t help but relate it to the solidarity and rage we are pouring into these times of uprising against state/police repression. The cover art isn’t really my vibe aesthetically but, yeah, there are clear messages there to help you understand what they think about it all. And please appreciate the elephant in trousers. I love this shit, such a killer record and a killer band. BÁ¸rre would be proud.