Larsen ¡No! EP reissue

I love a niche, boutique reissue label precisely for bringing me nuggets like this early ’80s power surge of militant Spanish punk. A bit of an overlooked artifact, and it’s not earth-shifting material, but this is pretty ferocious stuff that manages to stay catchy. The vocals have interesting character, veering somewhere between theatrical snottiness and political vitriol. Also, the bass tone is great, much brighter and more present in the way records from this time often get right. “Vomitas Sangre” is definitely the standout here and scratches an itch for something truly unhinged. The rest is worth hearing, but there aren’t really any revelations to be found in this brief historical document.

Larsen ¡No! 12″

A raw garage punk record, and the first funnypunk release I’ve heard from Spain. Larsen boast a distorted, trebly guitar sound, a heavy rhythm section, a distinctive vocalist with a sarcastic “nyah, nyah” style, and real basic song structures. The abrasive “Vomitas Sangre” and the up-tempo “Nacido de la Pota de un Punk” strike the most responsive chords.