Launcher Bone Saw LP

In their first full-length release, LA’s LAUNCHER delivers twelve super fast tracks, all but one clocking in under two minutes. The sound channels some of that LA ’80s punk snottiness through a lens of rock’n’roll riffs, the result landing in a strange quadrant of punk populated by gross, freaky punk pioneers like the CRUCIFUCKS and also sometimes by snotty street punk bands like L.E.S. STITCHES or BLANKS 77. LAUNCHER keeps a tight hold on the fury and weirdness of that intersection while avoiding the cheesy tropes. There are no sing-along parts here.

The Freakees / Launcher split 7″

LAUNCHER plays manic punk that sounds more solidified, tighter, and crazier than their demo from last year, which was already good. They have hooks and melody, but also a wonky weirdness in the guitar that is part Greg Ginn and part just maniac energy. Total fucking bounce-off-the-walls punk. FREAKEES is more straightforward, with deranged, reverb-y vocals that are on the edge of a nervous breakdown at all times. They have an intense energy and rawness that I feel is lacking in much straightforward punk, and this is excellent to my ears.