Left On High


Left On High The Red Album CD

This recording is awful. The band could potentially be alright, but this recording does them no favors. This sounds like it was recorded in a garage on a laptop with no mixing or overdubs or what have you. The only thing that sounds like it was done halfway decently are the vocals, as they sound marginally better than the rest of what’s going on here. I’m honestly in awe that they thought it was a good idea to spend money on putting this out into the world.

Left On High The Green Album CD

Really mediocre rockin’ punk with a hint of hardcore and some metal guitar. I guess there’s a Red Album and an Orange Album as well. The flag of Zambia? Dunno, but this is barely twenty minutes long and I’m still having a hard time getting through it. There’s some really cringe-worthy STONE TEMPLE PILOTS-like moments on “Laughter in the Rain.” Maybe that’s your bag? There’s moments where hillbilly rhythms and Southern accents arise (they’re from Florida) like “Tomorrowland,” and sludge-heavy riffs as on “Knew You.” There, I made it through. Oh shit, there’s one more. Can’t do it. Zzzzzzzzzzzz