Live Skull


Live Skull Don’t Get Any on You LP

This live LP showcases LIVE SKULL’s guitar-laden, atmospheric post-punk sound. Obstinately non-melodic, the songs on this LP, although excellently recorded, don’t excite (they’re too slow) and don’t stick to the ribs (they’re not catchy enough). Fans of the band will like this, though.

Live Skull Pusherman 12″

Don’t know what the big deal is over this band, at least after listening to this three-song release. I found the tunes boring, lengthy, and exactly what I’ve been trying to avoid in music for a long time. Maybe live they make it.

Live Skull Bringing Home the Bait LP

Eee-yowww! This I like…a lot. Comparisons with SONIC YOUTH are going to be made, because LIVE SKULL keeps charging with full-speed intensity. I can’t see these guys ever closing their eyes and just drooling.

Live Skull Mr. Evil 12″

A loud, abrasive post-punk group with pretentious lyrics and a unique, metal-edged guitar sound similar to—but not as extreme as—that of BIG BLACK. Most of LIVE SKULL’s songs are measured, droning thangs (except for the faster “Boil”), but it’s the distortion and controlled feedback emanating from the two guitars that really lift them above the pack.