Lost Generation


Lost Generation Victim LP

A chunky punk instrumental attack characterizes the latest LOST GENERATION LP. Despite some overly rockish parts, Victim’s solid mid-tempo sound, multi-dimensional songs, strong hooks, sung (rather than screamed) vocals, and sometimes thoughtful lyrics make it the best release by this band since their awesome debut EP.

Lost Generation Return From Incas

LOST GENERATION is back! These forerunners of the Connecticut hardcore scene totally kick ass and thereby prove that they’re still alive and well. There’s great, tough punk here—no frills, melodic but crunching tunes, and hot vocals. Don’t miss out.

Lost Generation Never Work EP

The A-side has a very long slower punk song that rags on working; the B-side has three thrashers, the best being a great anti-drug song called “Mind Control.” They also do a breakneck speed version of “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds.” But guys, why “just another bitch?” Are you just another bunch of “punkers?”